Winter Shoot

490mm x 390mm image size

Original oil on canvas

No mount

85mm silver distressed frame and 40mm white slip

600mm X 710mm wall size


Stephen Hawkins

Stephen was born in Surrey in 1964. As a child, Stephen combined an enthusiasm for horses with a love of drawing. He soon displayed a natural artistic ability which led him to produce equestrian and countryside paintings, using a variety of medium. Since moving to Sussex, around 20 years ago, Stephen has concentrated on landscapes and English country scenes. These capture the subtle changes of light and shade throughout the seasons. His paintings have been exhibited at the Royal Society of Equestrian Artists and at various exhibitions around England. Today, Stephen’s work is found in the best galleries across the UK and USA, and in many private collections.

On Our Way

29 x 19 cm image size

49 x 40 cm with frame (wall size)

Two men and a dog walking through wintery countryside in low light.

Oil on board

This work is presented with a grooved and brushed gold frame and white slip.

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Still Morning

39 x 29 cm image size

61 x 51 cm wall size (with frame)

Two men and their dogs in conversation on a still morning with low light.

Oil on board

Supplied with grooved and brushed-silver wood frame with white slip.

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Autumn Shoot

39 x 29 cm image size

59 x 49 cm with frame

A group of huntsman walking through Autumn early light. The leaves on the trees in Autumn splendor.

Original unoque oil painting supplied with 80mm grooved wood in brushed silver with a white slip.

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The Rocky Stream

30 x 24 cm image size

50 x 54 cm with frame (wall size)

Oil on canvas

Sheep negotiate the rocky carefully to get to the stream that flows under an old stone bridge.

This work is supplied with a grooved and brushed soft silver frame with a white slip.


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Winter Banks

29 x 24 cm image size

50 x 44 cm with frame

A gentle river follows a bend in deep winter, the river banks covered in snow and low light coming through the trees.

Unique original oil painting supplied with 60mm grooved wood frame in brushed gold with a white slip

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